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Diane and Cooper

“Over the years I have tried many different trainers — some to help Cooper, some to help me, and some to help us both at the same time.  Some of the male trainers have been a little too rough with him in my opinion, some of the female trainers have been ineffective, and I have often been inconsistent with him (giving up in frustration), compounding our problems.


I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have found YOU.  At long last, a trainer who can help both of us and who has already (in only 2 lessons) made a huge difference for us!  It is amazing to me how quick you are: how quickly you can catch my mistakes, how quickly you can read Cooper, and then show us a better way immediately.  It’s like magic!” — Diane Fogarty, Elizabeth, CO


“You are so good at giving timely, immediate, specific feedback!” — Nancy Miller, Sedalia, CO


Gallery StevePregel

Steve Pregel

“I enjoyed watching you and Tobias working together the other day in the arena. That was one of the more impressive displays of groundwork that I’ve seen. It always amazes me what can be accomplished when a horse and their rider truly connect. Obviously, you have a very strong connection with him, developed through many hours of training, and it is truly impressive. I love watching you two interact!” — Steve Pregel, Laramie, WY


“Thank you so much for a very insightful lesson. I have new things to work on with Heidi but, as you saw, she is very willing if she just understands what I need!” –Jilly Munz, Sedalia, CO



Christine & Amante

“I am doing a lot of ground work with Amante and we are getting really good at it, his attitude changed a lot, I have a different horse!” — Christine Horowitz, Castle Pines, CO



“You inspire me to become a better horseperson!” — Sidnee DeJong, Woodland Park, CO


Gallery Neide

Neide & Nic

“Thanks so much for your time and vast information, Cath! I will continue to practice the ‘games’ with Nic. They have such beneficial results.” — Neide Cooley, Sedalia, CO



“After finishing a lovely trail ride with my BLM Mustang mare, Mingo, a great many miles from the barn, we ended up spending 3-4 hours attempting to load back into the trailer. The afternoon began to turn to evening and I completely lost focus and energy.


Jamie and Mingo

Jamie and Mingo

Others at the trail head offered to assist, including a gentleman with good intentions but a “cowboy” approach.  He planned to force Mingo into the trailer with a lunge line strung through the trailer window and a butt rope, giving her no other option…having witnessed this method before, I knew a horse could actually devise other options, including flipping over backwards and landing upside down with a high risk of serious injury to both horse and human, not to mention the damage it would do with future attempts to load.


Desperate for an alternative, I called Cath. She promptly appeared and instantly calmed the situation while taking quiet control.  Within 20-30 minutes she had Mingo loaded — of her own free will and without incident.  Since then, Cath and I have customized a training approach to help me with the underlying issues that led to the trailer loading incident. It is a tremendous relief to have her level-headed, on-point and honest help.” — Jamie Bittle, Buffalo Creek, CO


Beth & Roxy

Beth & Roxy

“My Paso Fino mare, Roxy, developed an aversion to trailer loading a while ago and the solution another trainer gave me stopped working. I had no idea what to do next. Miss Roxy had my number when it came to that darn trailer.


Cath was able to solve the puzzle of Roxy’s trailer loading on two occasions, but then Roxy figured out yet another way to confound me.  Fortunately, Cath has more than one approach to a problem.


What’s best about working with Cath is her never-ending capacity for teaching solutions to horse owners.  She doesn’t just train the horse, she taught me how to teach my horse.  Cath is patient, a great problem solver and a delight to work with.”   — Beth Berg, Denver, CO

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