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Tobias with a "HorsePlay" Soccer Ball

I couldn’t put a halter or bridle on Tobias for a while after he’d bashed his face a couple years ago, so we played with his soccer ball in his paddock.

  • I recently found FoxCreek Mobile Equine Outfitters. Jim Calareso provides above and beyond customer service.
  • When I’m not making my own, I’ve bought beautiful, reasonably-priced rope halters from Natural Horse Supply for years: Another resource I just discovered is Horse Friendly: Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Rope Tack
  • Everyone gets confused on this so here’s a reminder on how to put a rope halter on your horse:
  • I never hard tie my horse. He has pulled back and injured himself too many times. Now, I always use a Blocker Tie Ring.
  • My horse has back issues and then injured his spine on the way to getting colic surgery in June 2013.  I don’t ride without my custom-made Dryback Skito Saddle Pad
  • Gotta love toys! Honestly, I’m not sure if what we have is Equi-Spirit or a HorsePlay soccer ball
  • A friend of mine, Nancy Olson, has a virtual tack shop I just love! She finds things for me, and sells things for me. Rock Horse Ranch Tack Shop
  • Even English saddles can carry a great saddle bag. SnugPax custom makes theirs to fit yours. I had one made for my husband’s Aussie, too.  (Yep, they make them for Western saddles as well!)