In-Hand Harmony

Winter Riding

The weather has been cold, and icy.  Even though the fairgrounds has open riding a couple days a week, I haven’t ventured out in the last two. I’m bored and wanting more horse time.  Last year, I took salsa lessons at the Castle Rock Rec Center.  This year, I signed up to take a five-week country dance class after hours at Ashva Yoga’s studio in Castle Rock beginning February 21st.

Why did I sign up? And what does this have to do with “Winter Riding”?

I love music and I love to move to music. But it’s also the closest thing I know of to riding—without a horse. And, to tell you the truth, it scares me. Afterall, I don’t want to get too comfortable in my “comfort zone” when I’m continually pushing the comfort zone of my equine partner.

With dancing, someone has to lead, the other has to follow. You have to be able to separate your body parts in order to move them independently or allow them to be moved. You have to be fluid, yet strong. You can’t let your mind wander –body and mind are required to attend together. You have to be able to sense or anticipate when your partner might do something different, so that you don’t get left behind… kinda like riding!

And it is definitely scary! I’m a beginner. Other people will see me not knowing what I’m doing. I’ll look uncoordinated. I’ll likely step on someone’s foot. I won’t know some of the people there. Gee, it’s sounding a bit like a riding lesson.

What do you do to keep your mind and body tuned up in the winter?

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