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The American Mustang: Beef Cattle

A note from the Sierra Club’s article on “Five Foods That Are Killing The Planet

“Cheap burgers are environmental assassins,” says Logan Strenchock, Central European University’s sustainability officer. Feeding cows to turn them into FACTORY-FARMED BEEF often requires replacing tropical forests with fields of genetically modified corn and soy, which are laced with pesticides that pollute local waters. “It takes 10 to 14 pounds of grain-based feed for a cow to gain 1 pound of flesh,” Strenchock says. “Once harvested, that flesh needs to be kept cold, consuming massive amounts of energy.” If you must eat a dead cow, eat a grass-fed one, but even then, consider these words from Mary O’Brien, who directs the Utah Forests Program for the Grand Canyon Trust:

“In the western U.S., cattle have the single most pervasive impact on public lands, depleting native biodiversity, increasing invasive exotics, diverting water, fouling streams, and baring the soil.”

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